Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to Spank a Boy Soundly (Continued)


(...continued from yesterday's blog post)

A properly positioned bottom is fully exposed. The cheeks are fully presented and split, their undersides turned up. In the case of men, the anus and back of scrotum show. Women are even more exposed, their rectums and vulvas fully visible.

Emphasis on their bottom
Spanking positions place the center of attention on the bottom of the person being spanked, a fact not lost on said person. The bottom is emphasized by its exposure and upturned position relative to the spanker.

Presentation of their bottom
Not only is the bottom exposed and emphasized but the spankee feels they are willingly "sticking it out" and presenting it for its punishment in the same way that the condemned man must place his head on the chopping block. The spankee knows their bottom cannot evade or escape the swats.

Cooperatively getting into position to be spanked is the primary act of submission in spanking.

Although it may be of little solace, the spankee can take comfort in the fact that their position affords safety from injury. Of course, this can be disconcerting if they know they will be spanked with even more abandon.

Loss of control
Once positioned, the spankee has relinquished control and may not easily regain it until the spanking is done. They may have difficulty removing their rear from the line of fire if they try.

Inability to clench
When standing, one can clench their cheeks together, mitigating the sting of a swat and the exposure. When properly positioned, it is more difficult to clench cheeks and the spanking will be applied to a relaxed, bouncing bottom.

Excellent visual presentation
Speaking from the point of view of an admitted bottom fancier, there are few times that someone looks more adorable and beautiful than when he or she is positioned to be spanked. Not only is the bottom emphasized, but it is formed to a flattering shape and sexily perked out. Spanking positions would be sexy even to people not into spanking.

--by Reb, a former internet presence who seems to have disappeared. If any of you know where he is, please let him know I'm a HUGE fan of his work. And I miss him very much out here.

More from Reb next week: Specific Spanking Positions


socksboyy said...

I find most boys think they can keep their underwear on for spanking but it's up to the spanker to decide what is exposed.

paul said...

i am well spanked boy but i need to learn control as kick clench and wriggle continualy my daddy has used brush and strap on me but the harder the spanking more i resit have also been known to cum OTK! ANY DADDYS OUT THERE WHO CAN CONTROL ME or advise from spanked boys?